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Dr Min Huai "Danny" Shi
  Fluent in: English, Mandarin (high fluency)
  Can understand: Simple Cantonese and Shanghainese
   (only doctor on the staff who can understand Shanghainese)
  Areas of expertise: general dentistry
  Main office: Elizabeth Street 10013
Dr Danny Shi is our best Shanghainese dentist.
A very personal and near tragic family event led him into a career of helping others. When Dr Shi was a very young boy, he loved to ride his
bike for fun and for exercise. One day, a speeding car crashed right into Danny while he was bike riding.  This injured Danny severely. The
driver of the car sped off and did not look back. As Danny lay on the ground, he was fortunately rescued by his family. Young Danny was
rushed to a hospital.
Among Danny's many injuries, one of his front teeth was knocked out. An excellent dentist spent weeks caring for Danny, healing some of
Danny's injuries, splinting his other teeth, preparing him for a complex anterior bridge, and then placing the fixed prosthetic which Danny still
has to this day.
The driver of the vehicle was never caught.
As a result of this near death experience, Dr Shi is one of the most caring dentists we have on the staff.
Dr Shi was born in China, and came to America at a very young age. Though he spent almost all of his life studying and growing up in
America, Dr Shi's mandarin and Chinese cultural knowledge is among the best of all the doctors.
Dr Shi graduated from Albert Dorman Honor College of New Jersey Institute of Technology with honors. With a Bachelor of Science in
electrical engineering, Dr Shi is possibly the most technologically skilled and knowledgeable person on the entire staff.
Dr Shi attended to prestigious New York University (NYU) School of Dental Medicine. As a dental student, he studied and practiced tirelessly
to master every aspect of general dentistry. Because he was so interested in quality dental care, Dr Shi observed and assisted one of his
professors in a dental office on top of the Empire State Building. Dr Shi also volunteered as a dental assistant in another prestigious dental
office on top of the Chrysler building.
After graduating from NYU, he successfully completed his residency training at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. At Lutheran, he
honed his skills in providing outstanding dental care to hundreds of patients.
In his spare time, Dr Shi is a very good cook. Other staff members remark that his cooking is near the level of a five star master chef.
Since he was a boy, Dr Shi has always wanted to help other people. His lifelong passion and our state of the art facilities enable him to
provide high quality health care. Dr Shi welcomes you to visit him at 80 Bowery, where he works as one of our best dentists.
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