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Dr Kenneth Ho was born in Manhattan, and raised in Staten Island. The son of hard working, Chinese immigrants, Kenneth studied intensely
as a child to achieve a high score on his first and only Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). His score allowed him to choose
among Stuyvesant HS, Brooklyn Tech, and Bronx HS of Science. After attending Stuyvesant High School for 4 years, he went to college.
In college, he majored in Biology and had several minors. His minors include Speech Communications and Theatre Arts, Psychology, and
Chemistry. While in college, he tutored others in mathematics and english as a second language. He was also Vice President of the Chinese
Club and Co-President of the Computer Club.  To help manage the costs of college, Kenneth worked as a computer consultant, assisting and
guiding other students (and some professors) in how to fully and properly use computers.
While in college, Kenneth took the Dental School Admissions Test (DAT) once. After scoring in the top 8% of the country on the DAT, he applied
for and was admitted into Stonybrook University School of Dental Medicine on his first attempt. Midway through dental school, Kenneth
embarked on a very ambitious plan. He wanted to be a teacher and a dentist. In January 2002, he applied to become a part time teacher with
Princeton Review (PR). Princeton Review is a nationwide organization that educates students of all ages, primarily teenagers who study to enter
the best colleges possible.
After scoring well on the PR placement exam and making the final cut to become a teacher, Kenneth Ho began teaching PR SAT classes.
Parents and students who attended his classes remarked that he was a good teacher who could communicate new lessons and techniques in
an effective, memorable manner.  After receiving positive feedback from students, PR asked him to also become a personal, one-on-one SAT
(college entrance examination) tutor. To this day, Dr Ho still remains active with Princeton Review. He is a dentist during the day, and a teacher
to high school students at night. As of 2015, Dr Ho has been tutoring and teaching other students for almost 13 years.
Kenneth Ho graduated from Stonybrook Dental School in May of 2004 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. He applied, was accepted, and
graduated from Brookdale Hospital Dental Residency Program. In this residency program, Dr Ho extracted many difficult wisdom teeth, making
him one of the best overall extraction dentists on staff capable of minor surgery.  Some patients remarked that they didn't feel much pain when
he pulled out their teeth.
While Dr Ho is proficient in gently removing teeth, he is also very good with children. Many young patients who have not seen a dentist before
are scared when they enter a dental office. Dr Ho recognizes this fear, spends time trying to comfort the child, and strives to be as considerate
and gentle as possible when caring for his patients. 
Dr Ho has been working at Jane Yang Dental as a dentist since January 2008.
After Dr Yang, the original founder and first dentist, Dr Ho is the longest serving dentist at Jane Yang Dental.
Dr Ho's goal is to always be considerate, courteous, and professional with patients of every age and every anxiety level. Many patients he has
cared for comment that Dr Ho is gentle and knowledgable.
A fluent English speaker, Dr Ho hopes that you will consider our dental office for all of your dental needs. If you ever have any questions about
anything at all, Dr Kenneth Ho can be reached directly via his email address of kenho02@aol.com
He can also be found on facebook under the user id kenho02@aol.com
Dr Kenneth Ho
  Fluent in: English
  Can understand: Very basic Cantonese and Mandarin
  Areas of expertise: Wisdom teeth removal
  Mainly works at 86 st office
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