53 Elizabeth Street 2/F
New York, NY 10013
(212) 219-8182
9:00am - 5:30pm
Open 7 Days
5611 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 439-5001
9:00am - 5:30pm
Open 7 Days
5115 8th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 436-1688
9:00am - 5:30pm
Open 7 Days
8603 Bay Parkway 2/F
Brooklyn, NY 11214
(718) 265-8603
9:00am - 5:30pm
Open 7 Days
Our Offices
Chinatown Elizabeth Office: (212) 219-8182       |     Brooklyn 7 Ave Office: (718) 439-5001      |     Brooklyn 8 Ave Office: (718) 436-1688      |     Brooklyn Bay Parkway  Office: (718) 265-8603
Dr Jane Yang trained and graduated from one of the best healthcare facilities of China, Fujian Province Hospital. After earning her degree in
dentistry, she remained with the hospital for a number of years. After successfully completing a residency, she began and finished a
challenging two year internship program.
She then came to America in 1994. Shortly thereafter, she earned admission into New York University (NYU) School of Dental Medicine.
Because of her advanced standing as a skilled dentist from China, she graduated from NYU with a full Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in
only 3 years.
Now graduated from both Chinese and American dental schools, she entered a challenging implant program for two years. After completing
the implant program, she went on to an advanced implant program which she successfully completed. Dr Yang has completed more than
500 hours of implant training, and has placed hundreds of implants over the past 12 years.
In 2001, Dr Yang opened her first office, 80 Bowery (212-219-8182), located near the heart of New York City's Chinatown. This office is now
thriving. With an excellent staff, this facility has served thousands of patients, many of whom refer their friends and families to us.
With the 80 Bowery office doing so well, and many patients happy and thoroughly satisfied with our services, Dr Yang opened her second
office in 2007. Located at 5611 7th Ave (718-439-5001), the second office offers a spacious and comfortable environment to now offer quality
dentistry in most cases free for patients with insurance.
In 2009, Dr Yang opened her third office, 5115 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY. The phone number for this office is 718-436-1688. Located near the
heart of Brooklyn's Chinatown, this new office is becoming one of the community's most popular dental service providers.
On March 18, 2013, Dr Yang bought the 8603 Bay Parkway 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY dental office. Extensively renovated and modernized, this
office is very spacious and well equipped to handle any dental needs, even implants.
In the second half of 2013, our 5th dental office will open. Located at 53 Elizabeth St, NY, NY 10013, and everything brand new, this office will
be our new flagship. With 10 chairs and thousands of square feet of floor space, we are very excited about this office. We look forward to
opening this up to the community shortly.
Dr Yang is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Fujianese, and English. She is an expert in all phases of general and implant dentistry. Along with
the rest of her staff, she welcomes patients to always feel free to enter any one of her three dental offices. She has high standards for all of
her employees, and will insure that everyone is cared for professionally and courteously.
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Dr Jane Yang
  Fluent in: English, Fujianese (only doctor on staff who can speak Fujianese), Cantonese and 
  Areas of expertise: Implants, Bone Enhancement, Root Canal Therapies, all areas of dentistry
  Mainly works at 53 Elizabeth Street, but works one day a week at other offices