Thorough Examinations
Patients coming to visit a dentist often come because they are experiencing pain and often they believe
that they have an undiagnosed tooth problem. Many times when a patient presents with pain, it originates
from a particular tooth that is cracked, decayed or infected.  When one of these diagnoses is confirmed,
the dentist can take the appropriate steps needed to correct the problem.
At the beginning of the patients visit it is helpful for their dentist to do briefly discuss the symptoms prior to
examining the patient, in order to better understand when and what causes the pain. What quadrant is
experiencing the pain? Does the patient have sensitivity to cold or hot liquids?, pain on chewing ?,swelling
or any areas in the mouth that are tender?.  Do the patient’s teeth ache? What are the situations that tend
to cause the onset of symptoms? After hearing the answers to these questions, a dentist has a better idea
what sort of dental problem a patient is experiencing, At that point, usually a radiograph is taken to gather
more information.
After this thorough evaluation, usually the possible diagnoses are narrowed down to one ro two
possibilities. and a course of treatment can be recommended.  Sometimes, after an evaluation the pain a
patient describes appears not to be of  tooth origin. In this case  some of the other possible diagnoses are
Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sinusitis,Tmj Pain, Sialoliths. Ear infection, Oral Cancer. Oral herpes, just to name a
few of the many other conditions that patients actually have when they come to the dentist and are in pain.
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