Dental Implants are simply metal posts with a false tooth on top. They are integrated into a patient's
jawbone fusing together with the bone over time to form a strong, long-lasting replacement tooth.
The longevity and predictability of implants are directly related to good oral hygiene and regular check
up appointments. Check ups should be done at least once a year. In order to make a diagnosis first
we need a panoramic X Ray to see the density of the bone, the maxillary, and the lower dental
Once the doctor determines this factors, two appointments are needed; the first one to put the
implants in, which is done in the dental office, and it takes no longer than two hours, depending on the
number of implants needed.
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The second one within six months, this is the length of time the implant takes to integrate completely to the bone to make the proper prosthesis. Implants function like natural teeth, and that includes being susceptible to gum disease.

The prosthesis depends on your case . if you are missing a single tooth, you need a crown and one implant.

If missing two or more teeth you might need a bridge which will be hold by two or three implants; if the hole set of dentures is missing we could put six implants to hold a bridge of fourteen porcelain crowns or just two and a bar to dip it on your denture.

Implants can restore or even enhance your smile, chewing ability, overall health, confidence level, and self-esteem.  Implants are usually the best looking, most comfortable, and longest lasting solutions to replacing missing teeth.  While dentures (plates) and bridges (several crowns welded together) can replace missing teeth, implants are a proven solution and less destructive to other teeth.

Jane Yang Dental PC has placed hundreds of implants over the past 12 years.  The dentists on staff have trained for countless hours in continuing education courses to continually refine their techniques and perfect placements.  

Implants can be very effective in areas where bone is lacking.  To place an implant in a region where periodontitis, years of dental neglect, or decades long lack of a tooth may have lead to bone loss, our dentists may be able to solve the problems.

Many dentists on the staff of Jane Yang Dental are well trained and experienced in placing implants and grafting artificial bone in places where additional bone will prove beneficial.  Additionally, they can stimulate the body to grow its own bone and guide the body to develop bone in a specific direction that can best help the patient.

If the sinus (empty space above the upper teeth and behind the nose) is close to an implant, some dentists on the staff can actually elevate the sinus.  This will minimize the potential for future complications (such as infections or implant rejections).

If the bottom jaw or upper ridge (place where upper teeth are anchored into bone) is too thin for an implant, our dentists are capable of widening the ridges to maximize the chances for successful implants.

We have had outstanding success rates over the past 12 years with dental implants and bone enhancing procedures.  While no one can guarantee success, Jane Yang Dental goes to great lengths in planning, placing, and caring for the patient before, during, and after implant and/or bone improving procedures.

We care very much for the comfort, safety, and prognoses for all our patients and their teeth.  If you have any questions about implants, or if you would like an evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for implants, we welcome you to call our main office at 212-219-8182 or email us at
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